Jetbest inks

Jetbest are hi-tech digital printing inks manufactured in Taiwan.

The brand launched its production 15 years ago. Since then, quality and customer satisfaction are the first and most important values.

The broad prodict gamut includes:

  • ecosolvent,
  • mild solvent,
  • textile,
  • UV and other ink types.

The major product characteristics include: Perfect inks colours, rich gamut, intensive saturation.  Moreover, excellent resistance to outdoor print exposure and various mechanical factors.

In the first place, the good chemical behavior of the products ensures safe work.

At the same time, the long outdoor life besides a good  light fastness guarantee  perfect job performance. Together with all, the head friendly and environmentally green Jetbest inks range delivers true quality.

These inks are long time proven for easy, reliable and problemless work. They are the best choice to print at affordable price.

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