Obelisk NEXT New Turbo Foam Cutter

It is an easy to use CNC foam signs cutter. The Obelisk foam cutter machine is designed to handle many foam materials. In addition, it includes the user friendly software Stella Obelisk. The machine’s work position is vertical. Thus it allows you to save a lot of space during production.

You can make affordable final products with no effort. Here are some of them: sign letters, complicated 3D logos, architectural shapes, fair stalls, Styrofoam lighting signage, packaging, exhibition decor, hobby & crafts.

Above all, the various thickness working material is not expensive. It is available in every hardware store at a low price. Besides this, the end product is ready in minutes. It is light and easy to transport and mount. Finally, the machine gives every sign shop a unique possibility. This foam cutter allows you to be creative and extremely efficient.

Simply add inexpensive LED lighting. Then play with your imagination by blocking and unblocking light. At the end construct and manufacture innovative illuminated signs. They are especially suitable for indoor shop application.

In addition, you can apply simple color and special effects to the cut foam signs. As a result, this makes the production variety virtually unlimited.

Take the advantage to try it and the reward is guaranteed.

obelisk next foam cutter FLYER


Height [mm]

1750 mm


520 mm

Width [mm]

380 mm


47 kg


220 V

Maximum power

0,2 A – 40 W

Maximum cutting area

1250 x 600 x 100 mm

Length of wire

130 mm

Operating temperature of the wire

400 – 600 °C

Speed of cutting

3 – 12 mm/sec

1 review for Obelisk NEXT New Turbo Foam Cutter

  1. Mariano Assad

    A simple, very flexible machine, good value, good software. Service is also first class!

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