Cleaning Liquid Cartridge, UV

Cleaning liquid cartridge

Every printer has to be used in a proper way following instructions in a manual. Scheduled maintenance and cleaning the print head prolong printing life. The cleaning liquid is one that you have to have it in any case.

UV curable inks products

Finally, here is a brand new UV ink cleaning solution. It is an alternative to the OEM UV cleaner for Epson print heads. Jetbest new UV curable ink full range of products is now available.

The UV digital printing market is really fast-growing. Therefore long research was done.  As a result, here is the right cleaning liquid product.

Today, Jetbest improved formula UV inks represent an affordable option. They bring excellent print results. And this is besides the high level of their basic characteristics.

As a matter of fact, using proven and less expensive UV inks and products has a great advantage. It can significantly increase the printer’s margin. Here the UV inks’ proof of performance is a key point.

The fully OEM compatible UV printing product modifications are now offered by Jetbest.

Factory packaging of the UV cleaning liquid:

Inks cartridges: 220 ml, 440 ml.
Bulk ink solution: 1l bottles respectively offered special light-blocking refill cartridges.
Cleaning liquid for print head flushing and printer maintenance: 220 ml cartridge or 1l bottle.

The solution is uv light sensitive, take special care when handling it! Do not expose to sunlight.

Printer model/print head type:

The current UV inks suit and work with the following piezo print heads: EPSON DX4 / DX5 / DX6 /DX7.

Printer brands: Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki – all related models of it.


Packing ink - ml

1000 ml, 220 ml

Compatible print head


Chemical Type


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  1. Dimitri Harris

    One of the perfect products from this high quality range.

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