Jetbest SS21 ink for Mimaki printers

As the best alternative to Mimaki OEM mild solvent ink, Jetbest SS21 offers again a sure choice.
This product is specifically developed for Mimaki JV33, CJV, JV300, JV150 digital printers.
First, the print performance is virtually the same as the Mimaki SS21 ink. Additionally, different is the ink supply flexibility and the cost. Above all, It allows you to increase your selling margin at no problems or risks.
Also, this SS21 ink provides endurance on a large range of compatible media. Normally, the user is free to switch inks avoiding flushing the printer lines.
Furthermore, the colour profiles remain the same as Jetbest SS21 ink virtually matches the original ink colours. Because Jetbest SS21 ink is made to match the performance and colour gamut of Mimaki‘s SS21 mild-solvent original.
This is the highest quality mild solvent ink with incredible colours, output and precise colour reproduction properties.
On the contrary to other inks /BS3, BS4/, the Jetbest SS21 ink has no odour. This is why more and more printers prefer it to the BS3 and BS4 inks.

SS21 ink general characteristics:

  • Very low level of odour;
  • Head friendly, no risk of clogging;
  • Excellent and sharp dot print; Rich colour gamut;
  • Instant drying; Sun fading resistance;
  • Water resistance;
  • Very good scratch resistance;
  • Vibrancy;
  • Media compatibility;
  • Perfect adhesion on pressure-sensitive types of vinyl and a wide range of flexible media.

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