Jetbest DTF Inks – for Direct-to-Film printing

DTF process

In the first place, direct to film (DTF) technology is based on the use of a hot-melt adhesive powder as a binding medium between the colour pigments of the image and the target-substrate, often fabrics, textiles, or rigid objects.
The image is printed on a transfer film, and the hot-melt adhesive powder is applied on top of it. In this way, transfer to the fabric happens by hot-pressing. It is an easy-to-use solution, with no need for pretreatment, no need for cutting, and picking In fact, DTF- direct-to-film printing is an alternative printing process to DTG /direct-to-garment/. The main difference is that it prints onto film or paper and uses heat transfer press just to fix the image and make the garment ready-to-wear. By printing with Jetbest DTF inks, the reproduced image transfer stands out with very high photo-quality.

Jetbest direct-to-film inks characteristics

In general, DTF inks are specially formulated pigment inks. Among them, the white ink consists of special components. It makes a white base foundation on the film thus allowing to print colourful designs on top of it. The particular pigment ink formula reduces the chance of print head clogging and drying. It withstands many washing cycles without fading.
These inks print on a transfer paper or film to transfer the image into the fabric or other material. The final product are Direct to Film Transfers.
Virtually, the DTF inks are suitable for both traditional DTG or specialized DTF printers. The transfers produced by them work with a large variety of textiles and fabrics (cotton, polyester and others), as well as with other substrates.

Jetbest  DTF inks advantages

  • Highly saturated
  • Vivid & bright colours
  • High opacity of the White ink
  • Good stretch resistance
  • Excellent color fastness
  • Suitable for a variety of textiles and substrates
  • Affordable and reliable

Inks storage and shelf-life

These inks need to be stored at a room temperature below 25 degrees C. They come in bottles of 1000 ml and have a 12 months shelf-life. The proper performance is not guarnteed at further extended use.




Black, Cyan, Magenta, White, Yellow

Chemical Type


Packing ink - ml

1000 ml

Compatible print head


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