Bulk ink system for Roland TrueVis series printers

The Jetbest bulk ink system for Roland TrueVis printer series is here just on time. It uses 900 ml pouches of TR2 ink. Best way to cut ink cost at no quality compromise. Order it before 30th April 2021 and get a promotional price together with the excellent solution.


Currently, the original TR2 ink of the new Roland TrueVis series printers is still costly. There are 500 ml cartridges only. Today, Jetbest is offering an elegant bulk system solution thus allowing to reduce cost and increase print production profit. As usual, the product is a result of a thorough research and excellent expertise.
As for the outcome, see the attached pictures of Jetbest initial bulk ink system for Roland VG2/SG2 printer. The TR2 ink comes packed in 900 ml pouch with the detachable sub-tank cartridge. In the future, the customer just needs to buy only the TR2 ink pouch. No need of chip replacement or further troubles solution. This plug and play key fix is simple and practical.
Also, the price of the whole unit is a one-time investment. Instead of existing OEM TR2 solution, this one allows using first class ink for long run prints production. And all this at an affordable price.
By configuration, the bulk ink system includes: the whole shelf, 8 pcs of detachable cartridges, ink tube, small sub tank. It is suitable for all Roland TrueVis series printers.
Order it now and get at a special promotional price.

  • Important, the system is specifically suited to use 900 ml pouches. Please check our ink offers for further details or send us your inquiry here.


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