Anti-static gloves against charge caused print issues

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The anti-static gloves provide electric charge protection against problems like fingerprints, dust, and lint.

During the printing process, there is no matter what kind of material we touch. On our skin there are different chemicals, oils, and microorganisms. The gloves provide protection from leaving smudges, fingerprints or dust.

Therefore, the print operator must wear gloves to avoid unnecessary print imperfections. Especially with stacked and rolled printing media material.

When working with sensitive electronic components, a static charge often creates a problem. Apart from keeping the hands clean, the gloves eliminate harmful discharges between the human skin and the electronic parts.

For this purpose, most anti-static gloves are additionally protected. They have an extra layer of rubber coating. In this way, the fingertips have full isolation and work is really safe.  Wearing the antistatic gloves, the operating person can handle any material. In addition, without exposing himself to specific hazards.

Important to know, using such gloves reduces significantly the possibility to get further static electricity related issues.

This is equally true during UV printing, but also through any other printing process. Therefore, such protection provides you freedom to use printable material and media at no fingerprint concerns. And all this at almost no  cost.

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1 review for Anti-static gloves against charge caused print issues

  1. Margareta Caunas

    Simple product but very useful for printer operators.

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