UV ink LUS 170 for Mimaki UCJV printers

LUS 170 is a new formulation of UV ink.

First of all, it is UV LED curable and is specifically suited for the new UCJV150 and UCVJ 300 printer series from Mimaki.

General facts

Since 2017 this printing machine is a new challenge for many printing shops and sign makers.

The printer combines UV printing and cutting in one, it allows 5 layers print option. But on the contrary, the cost of its original inks is substantial.

Different ink manufacturers approach this product matter. In many cases, not always successfully though.

The best OEM UV ink alternative

For printer’s success, we offer one of the safest solutions – the Jetbest UV ink.

The inks come fresh and perfectly packed, basic practice and tradition for the Jetbest brand production.

As the company has a broad experience supplying many OEM printer manufacturers, as usual, the result is excellent.


As such, the ink provides very high adhesion to a large number of coated and uncoated media. Moreover, it also guarantees exceptional vibrancy performance and stretchability compared to most other UV inks.

Last but not least, its white provides an excellent base while its colours are brilliant and saturated. Shortly:

  • – Higher flexibility. more than 1,5 times compared to the conventional UV ink.
  • – Crack resistance,
  • – Fast UV curing,
  • – No tackiness after curing,
  • – Opaque white.
  • – Why Jetbest LUS 170 UV inks?

With all the above in mind, the main reasons to start working with Jetbest are:

– Quality,

– Price,

– Reliability,

– Environmental safety,

– EU compliance.

Besides LUS 100/ 120 ink for flatbed UV printers, this ink opens further possibilities – higher-margin, problem less unattended printing, sustainable print production process.

The product

LUS 170 ink comes in 1 l bottles,

*Additionally you get the chip for each colour.

Printing configurations



*Price of chip per colour is additional.



Packing ink - ml

1000 ml


Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, White, Yellow

1 review for UV ink LUS 170 for Mimaki UCJV printers

  1. Maya Stan

    Perfectly match the OEM inks! Very good product. We are using them since 6 months and no problems at all. Nice and durable colours!

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