Jetbest WHITE UV ink for Roland printers

Jetbest UV curable White is a strongly scratch resistant, rigid and durable ink for LED-equipped UV printers. This excellent product can be ordered cartridge-by-cartridge, or in quantities or together with other Jetbest inks at an additional discount.

Jetbest White UV ink for Roland is a first-class, hard, high-saturated, opaque product. As such, it is optimal for printing with LED lamp equipped Roland UV printers.  Also, they are suitable for this type of Mutoh and Mimaki desktop UV printer. This ink is specifically formulated to deliver perfect adhesion. It applies to a wide range of digital printing substrates. Such as PVC film, PET, polycarbonate, glass, metal, and other rigid objects and surfaces.

As a rule, ink jetting runs at a temperature of 35-50 degrees C.

Main advantages of the Jetbest white UV ink

Developed for various and versatile applications.  Good UV, water and scratch resistance, even without coating or lamination. Low odour shortly after jetting. Print head friendly. Environmentally safe product.

Jetbest white UV ink adhesion

Jetbest UV inks are made to bring extremely high adhesion on generally used rigid or flexible display graphics materials. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended to make a prior to printing the specific job series. In some cases, low adhesion on some substrates persists. Then, applying a good primer solves well the issue.

Outdoor performance

Jetbest WHITE UV ink for Roland UV printers is suitable for outdoor use and should last 1-2 years at normal exposure conditions. Its chemical lab tests report of 2-year outdoor duration with lasting colours and mechanical parameters.

UV inks storage & packaging

We recommend that these inks stay at a temperature between 16° – 30°C. Proper storage ensures longer life and excellent ink quality. Just like the OEM ones, these UV curable inks come in 220 ml cartridges. In case of using a bulk ink system, they are available in 500 ml orange bottles, upon order. Jetbest factory manufactures fresh inks at regular delivery to its distributor partners. Using these inks, you can be sure, they are never outdated.

Check the available colour configuration according to the model of your printing machine. Always keep some cleaning solution and metal or glass UV primers at your end for a smooth workflow. Should you need further information, get in touch with us 24/7.




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