Glass primer for UV printing

This is an excellent base for uv printing on glass. Get your special deal if you order together with our premium UV inks for your valued print jobs.

The perfect addition to your printing process, the Glass Primer delivers excellent ink adhesion. The UV printed surface remains scratch-resistant and guarantees long-lasting of the output image.

Main characteristics

According to its purpose, the glass primer increases the mechanical endurance and scratch-resistance of the prints on glass. The special chemical content makes the primer compatible with the most UV inks on the market. Its molecular-level activator guarantees a super-strong bond, thus allowing to print onto difficult-to adhere surfaces like glass and ceramics.


Apply the UV Glass Primer on an initially cleaned and wiped surface. For large surfaces, use a good quality airbrush, Otherwise, use a brush or fine microporous tampon. You can also prepare a sponge application tool yourself, see the attached image. Make sure there is no lint or dust residue and the substrate is completely dry. Using protective gloves is highly recommended. Allow at least 30 minutes for the glass primer to dry on the print media. Only after that, proceed with printing the final job.  The print should be ready following the UV curing.

Storage and shelf life

Store the Glass Primer best at room temperature, or between 12-30 degrees Celsius. The product is available in 1000 ml, as well as in 125 ml bottles.

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