Jetbest TR2 TrueVis Inks

Jetbest TR2 TrueVis compatible inks deliver the same excellent print quality as the original Roland inks. Here, you can save cost at keeping superior printing results – smooth gradations, perfect natural tones. Unsurpassed performance!

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If you want to go ahead with the newest Roland trends, you might need the Truevis TR2 inks for your VG/ VG2 or SG/SG2 printer.
The new TR2 inks are a further step in Roland’s quality development. Right after it, Jetbest company launched its highly competitive product.

Basic description

The Jetbest TR2 inks have first-rate unsurpassed features, virtually the same as the OEM inks. Using these inks, you convert your printing machine into a superior quality workhorse.
With their proximity to the Roland’s True Rich Colour2, the Jetbest TR2 ink alternative brings stunning print results. As with the original inks, you achieve excellent neutral grey colours, fluent gradations, and incredibly natural-looking skin tones. So, the final result gives the artwork an exceptional colour outfit at the highest natural softness.

Printer compatibility

The TR2 inks are applicable in both Roland SG2/VG2 series and in SG/VG series.

Initially, TR2 ink was suited for TrueVIS VG2 printer/cutters and FlexFire™print heads to deliver super-precise results. Each ink droplet falls precisely where needed, producing stunning images with smooth colours, even in the highest speed modes.
Today, the older Roland models – SG and VG printers, can also bring new quality performance. They are all upgradeable to work with TR2 inks. In this way, their owners get a completely renewed machine with all superior features of the newer printers generation.
With minimum technical support, your printing business can start at a new level.

Jetbest TR2 inks characteristics:

Brilliant colours
Vibrant and saturated
Amazingly rich colour gamut
Perfectly drying
Scratch, fade and wear-resistant
Print head friendly
Best match with OEM inks
No odour

Cost, performance

Last but not least, the Jetbest TR2 ink solution is much less costly than the original. Moreover, it guarantees a higher margin, thus the fastest money return.  As the new Jetbest Truevis TR2 inks match the highest quality expectations, their use is an important key to the printer’s success.

Available colours & packing info:

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange. The inks come in pouches of 500 ml, just as the original Roland TrueVis inks. Additionally, special cleaning liquid is available in the same type of packaging.



Black, Cyan, Light Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Magenta, Orange, Yellow


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