Jetbest head cleaning concentrate – ecosolvent

Efficient cleaning concentrate for ecosolvent printer heads. Works against both mild or persisting nozzle clogging. Environmentally friendly.

The Jetbest head-cleaning concentrate is developed to clean printheads of large format ecosolvent inkjet printers. Following are the main characteristics of the product:

  • Compatible with Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh ecosolvent inks.
  • Generally suitable to clean less than a-month-old nozzle clogs, depending on the printer environment too.

The Jetbest ecosolvent cleaning concentrate brings a new chemical formula, suitable to prevent or eliminate head clogging issues. Preferably, the cleaner application uses microfiber head cleaning swabs, where you should pay good attention.

Simple Clogs

If your printer doesn’t run too often, the ink dries out, which causes printhead clogging.
A nozzle can blocks even by air bubbles in your ink. Fortunately, simple clogs can often be cured through a head-cleaning cycle and nozzle check.
It is best to run a printhead cleaning cycle twice, prior to a nozzle check.
Ensure there are no missing lines on your test print. If there are, run an extra head cleaning.

Persisting head clogs

Ecosolvent printers use inks that dry out and could clog faster. These printers have ultra-microscopic printhead holes to perform fine detail. The microscopic head nozzles can easily clog.
To clear a deep clog on a printhead, you need to perform many times the same procedure, sometimes even to disassemble the printhead from your printing machine.

When possible, it is always cheaper to clean and unclog than to replace the printhead assembly. This is where this ecosolvent cleaning solution helps you to avoid troubles.



Chemical Type

Eco – Solvent

Packing ink - ml

125 ml

Packing type



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