MOPA FiberMark laser marking system

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Fiber laser in different configurations for marking and engraving colour metals /aluminum, copper, brass gold, silver/, steel, plastics, etc.

Wide selection of operating wavelengths.
Ultra-low amplitude. Noise high stability and super-long life time.

BG Mopa FiberMark laser system serves professional industrial labeling or marking of color change materials or deep metal engravings.

With the FiberMark laser system, you get the following

Benefits of the fiber laser

– Achieve higher contrast and more legible results when marking plastics;

– Produce a black mark on anodized aluminum. You can use it for smartphones and many other items;
– Acquire colors on steel.

The MOPA laser system is one of the most versatile lasers on the market, with its main advantage to control the duration of the impulses.
In the case of short pulses and lower pulse energy, the material heats up less and the area of ​​the heat-affected zone is reduced, i.e., does not damage its surface.


Typical applications include electronic components, communication products, tool accessories, watches and jewelry, auto parts, integrated circuits, stainless steel products, and more. Important to mention, such laser is an irreplaceable component of your UV printing business too. In this way, you enhance the possibilty to produce wider gamut of unique custom products.


As a result, your MOPA laser-labeled metals and plastics:
– Have better protection against corrosion due to less heat development during metal marking;
– Markings on some plastics are more homogeneous and sometimes higher in contrast due to controlled melting.
In addition, you can produce quality equivalent MOPA laser markings somewhat faster than with the conventional optical laser.

Especially when you use it on natural anodized aluminum, the MOPA FiberMark laser creates a clearly legible and high-quality mark. It is ideal for smartphones and other items.



Printing Method

Fiber Laser

1 review for MOPA FiberMark laser marking system

  1. Victor de Navarro

    Unique laser! Prints on any metal. Very satisfied with the company service and support.

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