Roland LD-80 laser decorator

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The Roland LD-80 laser decorator will deliver unique design transferred directly onto gifts, promotional giveaways, commodity and whatever you want with no efforts. Simply upload a graphic of your personalized text and the laser will transfer it onto different substrates. The laser decorator is a Class 1 laser to head transfer metallic foils onto a solid surface. Among them are polycarbonate, acrylic, and other plastics.

Roland LD-80 and some foil will make your style! Just watch the video and learn how to personalize special gifts using the new Roland LD-80. So, it offers a number of favorable combinations of opportunities…



The LD-80 Laser Decorator is a first into a Digital market with so many unique opportunities. Not only is it perfect for an online store, but it is also a profitable site to be a better choice for your entry-level business. Again it is perfect for gift shop or kiosk to customize products with dazzling text and reflective images.

Diversity of metallic foils broadens the types of jobs and makes them one-of-a-kind.

As a result, you have countless colors of holographic, metallic or gloss finish on your media by using a variety of foils for unique personalized results. So, the laser decorator machine brings various textures and colors for a large number of exclusive outputs.

Again, Roland delivers your imagination into reality through its constant innovation. Follow our web channel for further fantastic products. Thus, we help to bring the technology in a fast and easy way. Just contact us.





Acceptable media widths


10 reviews for Roland LD-80 laser decorator

  1. Sym Eva

    I am going for a gold sample on leather and would consider investing into it.

  2. taikedi

    Very nice!

  3. adotlors

    Thanks for the useful product presentation. Considering to buy it from you.

  4. Twerway

    Innovative and interesting profit maker machine.

  5. George Kalinis

    Very good product portfolio. I like this website.

  6. CodeAnow

    Wonderful product. Good feedback from this website.

  7. Syncsels

    Really interesting!

  8. untobe

    Really interesting and unique!

  9. effemi

    Long time expected machine for sample prototyping. Very good features!

  10. Maya Bissen

    A very innovative and interesting product proposal!

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