Laser Tubes Re-charging for Laser Machine Repairing

Today, lasers are widely used machines in various industrial sectors. As they are being exploited, their main engine, the laser tube goes off. When the gas is over, the machines are not usable anymore without re-charging their laser tubes. Therefore, here comes our support. We offer the tube regenerating service from best qualified US suppliers. Here is a description of the ordering process in steps:

  • You provide information of your laser machine model;
  • We send you a price quotation for the laser re-charging;
  • You send your laser tube securely packed as per our instruction, together with a payment of 50% of the quoted price.
  • We send further your package to the relevant US factory.
  • In 14 working days time we send back fully re-charged laser tubes with 1 year warranty. You pay the remaining 50% before the shipment from our premises in Luxembourg /or directly from US, if agreed so/.
  • You start working and earning with your laser machine as before.

Trust our service and your business will run successfully at best affordable amount.

  • We support laser tubes produced by most laser manufacturers – engraving lasers and nitrogen lasers. Our laser repairing service does not cover mirrors replacement.
  • Important, no emergency services are available.


1 review for Laser Tubes Re-charging for Laser Machine Repairing

  1. Sean Hallte

    It took about 2 weeks. The price is really good. The service is excellent.

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