MPX-80 Photo impact printer Metaza from Roland


In summary, Metaza MPX-80 Photo impact Printer is a metal printer that gives you the privilege to personalized pendants, tags, key chains, and lighters.
Even if it is a used machine of our client, it produces perfect high-quality graphics.

Thanks to the sophisticated head management control, the software indicates when a new pin is needed and changes it automatically. In general, the MPX -80 has eight ultra hard tips. Finally, the machine is technically served by our team and is in very good condition.

Recommended materials

Here, the glossy surface metal or acrylic items work extremely successfully. Even if slightly curved, they perform well.
On the contrary, mat finish does not support the best output results. To obtain a crisp and attractive image effect, your material requires gloss.

Photo impact printer advantages 

Fast and reliable print;

High resolution image output;

Wide range of applicable materials – acrylic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver;

Additionally, good ability to print on curved surfaces /see brochure and specifications for further reference/.


This Roland metal printer accepts JPEG and BMP format files. Also, it accepts images from digital cameras.  That makes it a wonderful machine for every point of sales or/and gift shop.

With a USB port,  the MPX-80 is easy to be set as a desktop printer.

MPX-80 applications variety

Bracelets, juwellery pendants
Metal souvenirs
Glossy acrylic items
Tools like scissors, knives, etc.
Lighters and metal flusks
Pet tags


1 review for MPX-80 Photo impact printer Metaza from Roland

  1. Vasco

    What a perfect small machine with unbelievable prints on metal!

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