EGX-350 Desktop Engraver – for every sign and souvenir shop

Certainly, the Roland EGX-350 machine is leader in desktop engraving. In brief, it provides unlimited possibilities for gift engravers, jewelry crafts, trophy shops, and many more. Definitely, the engraver combines versatility with easy and  quick automated operation. In this way, you can create custom signs, personalized objects, awards or promotional items at a really low production cost. Thus you can always stay competitive besides making good and stable profit. In addition, with this excellent machine there is no need to worry about expensive maintenance. Roland EGX-350 is simple and reliable. For sure, it is a solid machine for life time. Furthermore, the model has the latest software and improved characteristics. Above all, it carries Roland undisputable reputation on the innovative 3D business field.

Basic features of the EGX-350 engraving machine

  • Engraves onto signs, trophies, jewelry artwork, nameplates, smart phone covers, coins, packaging materials etc.
  • Spindle speed up to 20,000 rpm
  • Convenient to handle, 29 cm x 23 cm work area
  • Advanced surface detector feature simplifies setup
  • Engraving software and a start-up set of tools included
  • Optional ADA signage kit available

Samples and furhter information are available upon request. Send your inquiry here, specifying the type of items you would like to produce with the machine.



Maximum cutting area

305 mm x 230 mm

Mechanical resolution

0.0025 mm /step

Revolution Speed

5000 – 20000 rpm/min

1 review for EGX-350 Desktop Engraver – for every sign and souvenir shop

  1. Zhenya Silk

    An amazingly precise and useful machine for souvenir business! Thanks for good service too.

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