EcoSol MAX3 Cyan cartridge

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The 500 ml ink cartridge is completely equivalent to the OEM one. It is equipped with the relevant electronic chip for the specific colour and thus eliminates any compatibility troubles. Using ink cartridges makes work easy and clean. In most cases, you can use the Jetbest colour cartridges together with the original ones. In other words, you can replace inks one by one.

General overview

Based on precisely selected raw materials the inks deliver excellent colour strength at perfect print quality. This is because their pigments contain resin free nano colourants of a size below 200 nm. Therefore the performance outcome is not comparable with other third party inks. Ecosol Max3 Cyan 500 ml cartridge provides a cost-saving solution with no quality compromise. Thus it brings outstanding results on a wide range of media substrates such as PVC film, art canvas, polyester film, photo paper, poster paper, textile heat transfer materials, rigid materials, banners, etc.

The major benefits

The high-value prints produced by using Jetbest inks bring high-value margin for the printer.
They are easy to use and extremely reliable from a technical point of view.
Moreover, they are suitable for the complete range of the Epson DX piezo print heads.
For this reason, they can be used on a variety of Epson heads based large format eco-solvent printers.
Finally, this new improved ink formula has very positive feedback given by thousands of printer users.

Basic characteristics Ecosol Max3 Cyan Cartridge

Colour: Cyan cartridge
500 ml cartridges
Compatible with the OEM inks, no need to special flushing procedure, one by one colour replacement
A precise colour matching, virtually equal performance with the OEM inks
Deep colour saturation and vibrancy
Additional ink colours generating rich gamut on substrates with different characteristics
Glossy print performance
Good and fast drying of the print
Print head & printer friendly, no nozzle clogging
Good adhesion and mechanical/ scratch resistance
Suitable for fast and unattended printing
UV and fade resistant, colours are stable at least 2 years after outdoor exposure of the print
No smell or extremely low perception of smell, eco-friendly
EU regulations compliant – REACH

Applicable for the following printers

Roland: XF-Series / RF-Series / XR-Series / VS-Series

Mutoh: 1624 / 1638 / 628 / ValueJet 2638 / 2606

Mimaki: JV33BS-Series / JV34-Series / SWJ-320 Series


Mutoh compatible, Roland compatible



Chemical Type

Eco – Solvent

Packing ink - ml

500 ml

Packing type


Compatible print head

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  1. Suha Abaid

    Perfect ink! Perfect supplier!

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