Roland Eco-UV inks

Indoor applications

Roland ECO-UV inks ensure great results at indoor applications like labels and POPs. Even at outdoor applications, ECO-UV will last at least two years. Especially when you apply clear coat finishing process (ECO-UV only).

Multiple Media Compatibility

UV lights cure the micro droplets of ECO-UV ink immediately after they fall on the media surface. So, they leave no time for the droplets to be absorbed by the media. In this way, almost any ink and media compatibility issue disappears.
Furthermore, it makes the VersaUV compatible with a variety of coated and uncoated media. Also without any special treatment.
LEF-12 users take full advantage of this great media compatibility because their printer enables printing directly on three-dimensional objects. Such as awards,
pens and giftware, acrylic plaques, golf balls, cell phone covers and even laptop computers. All contribute to your profitable portfolio.

Consistency of Color

The absence of ink reaction and absorption at Eco-UV inks means that
colors will be consistent across different media types. In other words, they don’t require specific media profiles.

Roland ECO-UV S Formulation

These inks serve VersaUV LEJ and LEC models. Particularly, they are configured with CMYK and white inks.
ECO-UV S expands up to 220 percent.
The high elasticity allows graphics to conform uneven shapes, corners and curved surfaces.
With ECO-UV S, prints attach perfectly to the contours of PET bottles or plastic cups, and also fit to vacuum-formed plastic.

Special Ink Configuration

VersaUV offers a unique ink configuration including white ink and clear coat, together with the CMYK colors.
The White has high-opacity and is ideal for producing rich, saturated color graphics on clear, dark opaque and also metallic substrates.
The clear coat, adds high-gloss area highlighter (spot varnish), full flood gloss finishing for extra durability, and special effects.
Such as three-dimensional textures (emboss) by printing multiple layers of clear coat.
The combination of these features enables the production of exclusive jobs which bring high profit at affordable cost.

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