SF-200 flatbed printer: Toys - Medical - Food - friendly

First of its kind, the Roland SF-200 eco-solvent machine prints sensitive applications. Such as those which guarantee safety and health, which are child-friendly and where especially human health assurance is a must.


The machine prints super-high-quality, vivid, precise and durable images onto one or more objects at a time.
Suitable materials
The SF-200 printer works on a variety of different materials and substrates. Here are some of them:
PVC, ABS, TPU, PET, PP, PPMA, wood, glass,
aluminium, leather.
Printing dimensions
Media maximal size is 538mm (w) x 360mm (l), 100mm in height.


Eco-solvent inks, with high durability. These inks conform to the EN 71-3 standard for toy safety.

WHITE ink added to the CMYK range for clear object and media printing.


The pre-treatment of the printed surface is optional, for best performance.
Therefore, SF-200 can be ordered with an optional base unit. It allows them to be used in the retail environment and also ensures faster drying and degassing time. This solution is also complemented by an optional active charcoal filter with heated drawers for the objects to print.

Children’s toys, object and applications

The children’s objects such as toys and others are the main concern of Roland’s research and development.
As a result, SF-200 inks have achieved
the EN 71-3 toy safety standard, an extra addition to the Toy Safety Directive. So, a detailed, personalized printing is achievable onto toys of wood, plastics, leathers and many more.
This standard also concerns print durability. Roland SF-200 customized prints will withstand the roughest of handling and treatment.

Medical Tools and Devices

The SF-200 printer is ideal for customized or general printing onto items for the medical and dental sector. Such as labels, plastic devices and aluminium instruments. Even for objects which have direct contact to the skin and also for objects in the health-sensitive environment.
Here is the SF-200 brochure.

Ink Type

Eco – Solvent

Print Head Resolution

1440 dpi

Ink Color

CMYK + 2 White


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