Aeoon, the ultimate flatbed printer range

aeoon superfast garment printer

On October 2018 Six Colors started working in cooperation with Aeoon, the Austrian manufacturer of the ultimate flatbed printer range for textile, T-shirts, leather, rigid material.

Who is Aeoon?

Aeoon is located in Tyrol, not far from Innsbruck and from the German border. It has modern facilities for up to date demonstration and production. The founder of the business is Angelo Schiestl, a professional screen-printing equipment builder who further specialized in the fine digital printing details. Sixty people are involved in the production, technical support, marketing and logistics. Aeoon printers target industrial factories. In order to offer the right printing solution, the team of sales and marketing specialists looks into the customer’s specific needs. Each new client receives a personalized business plan. The return of his future investment is precisely calculated. Then the configuration that will best serve his business goals is pointed out. Moreover, existing customers receive good technical support from the well-organized and localized service network of the company. Local area print engineers serve any need for maintenance and help without any delay.

The printer range

The printers are first of all production machines. Therefore, the digital machines are based on the industrial Kyocera printheads which deliver fast and uncompromising results. There is an option to double the number of printheads for achieving even higher speed and additional color (varnish effects). There are several types of machines with regard to their purpose and to the printed materials – textile, leather, wood, etc. The tables size and number can vary and can be customized. The main models are Aeoon Compact, Aeoon Kyo, Aeoon Hybrid. The last one combines the digital with the screen-printing process and makes it easy to directly prepare the screens using black emulsion ink. The printer range involves also a UV printing machine with table size up to 3 x 4 m.

Demo machines are running in order to help customers to get familiar with a particular printer and the additional equipment complementing the printing and finishing process. In Europe, the demonstration units are located at Aeoon’s factory in Kramsach, Austria.

Our cooperation

Aeoon is aiming to become the first and the best supplier of industrial textile and specialized printing machines of this type. With our involvement, we are here to meet such needs on the territory of Benelux countries. Sample printing requests are welcome. You can send us also your desired high-resolution images to have them printed on your chosen t-shirt type of material. In addition, we can as well help you attend the scheduled product presentations at Aeoon in Tyrol.

We are willing to initiate long-term cooperation with Aeoon and add their printers to our product range. Take a look at Aeoon’s customer feedback and the experiences after changing to Aeoon Technologies printers.

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    We are a large manufacturer of T-shirts. This machine looks fantastic. It seems to be the best on the market. Awaiting to get in touch for details and eventual presentation. You are real professionals!

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