XLAM Laminators – simple and versatile – for every sign shop

xlam laminator

New product brand on our portfolio range, XLAM cold and hot laminators.

Nowadays, there are various convenient finishing solutions. Such as very simple manual cold lamination to specialized pneumatic cold/ hot lamination. Also, their operation is easy and reliable. Moreover, the products meet the increasing customer demands in finishing the printing process. Furthermore, roll laminators are a must in the day-to-day production of every print shop.

In this way, the laminating machines meet the high quality EU  standards, because of precise construction and excellent operation.

Particularly, the XLAM laminating machines are assembled in Italy.

Purpose of the laminating machine

As a rule, the laminating guarantees good protection of the material from moisture, rubbing, hot and cold.

Also, it provides good UV resistance of the finished surface. In addition, keeps it from dirt and various spots.



  • Car wrapping film prints;
  • Soft and rigid surfaces – signs,
  • Art finishing,
  • Papers protection,
  • Floor graphics and many others.

Advantages of Xlam laminators

Above all, the laminated material is resistant to:

  •  mechanical abrasion,
  • heat,
  • solvents,
  • water or steam,
  • temperature deviations.

Laminating films

There is a variety of films which suit every specific laminating need for any substrate. Like PET laminating films – provide strength and  good UV protection, or OPP  media – easily separable.

The films can be glossy, semi glossy- satin,  or matt.

Also structured films emphasizing the print under the laminate. These films provide high scratch resistantnce.

At the end, special films  for floor graphics, or films with especially increased UV protection features.



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