Roland RF-640 8-colour printer with Ergosoft RIP

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RF-640 8-colour eco-solvent printer delivers extraordinary graphics with unique colour performance like never till now.
Give your customers magnific photographic images with never seen vibrancy and brilliance.

Today, VersaExpress RF-640 8 Colour brings the biggest and widest colour gamut in its class. It is unmatched for outdoor durable graphics,

The stunning quality prints with CMYK plus Light Black, Red, Green and Orange ink deliver unmatched outdoor durability as well.

Bring Magic with Colour

Till now, the RF-640 8-Colour printer has the widest colour gamut in its class. Thus you can achieve amazing impressive outdoor durability with amazing colour output.
Therefore, it is perfect for any graphics suppliers, sign makers, vehicle wrap professionals, commercial printers, advertisers. Also for those, who wish to achieve high-impact graphics which add stunning and admiration.

Trouble-Free, Extremely Precise Colour Matching

Roland RF-640 8-Colour combination matches and reproduces even formulations, which are difficult to achieve with conventional inks.

In addition to this, the printer has even further advantages. Particualrly, the current 8 colour ink configuration and the added ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 SPECIAL PLUS RIP software’s advanced colour replacement function, plus the extensive Color Book compatibility deliver effortless colour management so you can match colours with ease.

The machine is best for corporate branding, especially for difficult-to-match sports and consumer brand colours.

Ink configuration of RF-640 8-Colour

ECO-SOL MAX 3 500 ml cartridges, INKU EGS 500 ml cartridges

8 colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Black, Red, Green, Orange)

Included software

ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 SPECIAL PLUS RIP Software



Ink Color

CMKY + LK + Orange + Green + Red

Chemical Type

Eco – Solvent


Acceptable material thickness


Acceptable media widths

1600 mm

Number of Print Heads


Packing ink - ml

500 ml

1 review for Roland RF-640 8-colour printer with Ergosoft RIP

  1. Serge Bendelsson

    I am wondering if I could replace my old RF printer to this one. Looks really impressive. Thank you guys for the good communication and help!

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