PVC Punching Tool for Easy Film Mounting

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This pvc punching tool makes film application easy. It removes the bubbles by piercing along the vinyl substrate after application.

It is easy to hold and work with. In this way, you can do the job in minutes. In addition, you can use the puncher you achieve the same good results. However you don’t have  to spend on costly media material anymore. The tool is useful when working with media lamination process too.

It is a perfect tool for car wrapping, rigid board film applications, glass decorations and others.

For example, to install a vinyl wrap on a car is really hard.When you apply the pvc film, however, you could easily use the punching tool. That doesn’t mean applying a wrap is much easier and in fact it might be more complicated. But you have some extra facilitation to get rid of imperfections.

Virtually, this tool helps everywhere where adhesive film needs to be perfectly added to a surface. Instead of using expensive media, this simple pvc film punching tool does the job easily at extra no cost.

The product is available in a set of 10 pcs/ pack.

Ask for application instructions or details and place your order here.

1 review for PVC Punching Tool for Easy Film Mounting

  1. Sarah Turmeram

    What a fantastic and simple instrument!

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