Cleaning swabs for print head maintenance

These lint-free print head cleaning swabs are an irreplaceable tool for maintaining your printer daily.

Usually, the operator has to perform a cleaning regularly,  at least twice a week. Of course, it all depends on how much the machine prints.

Here is a useful guidance to cleaning DX-4 print head on a Roland machine shared by Roland UK.

It is highly recommended NOT to use any ordinary material, cotton or cloth, as thus you are exposing your print head at a high risk of depositing dust/ lint particles. Those can easily get close to the nozzles and cause clogging at the moment of printing.

Instead, use the original maintenance swabs to wipe around the head nozzles. These cleaning sticks do not attract dust and are the perfect tool for performing head prophylactic.

Keep enough of these to stay aways on the safe side

The cleaning swabs can be ordered in packs of 10, 20 or 50 pcs.

* The above illustrated procedure you can copy to different print heads on other brands of machines. Always use cleaning liquid solution provided by a proven supplier! Be careful not to damage the surface of your print head. It is extremely vulnerable to physical damage.

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  1. Maneo

    Simple tool but very needed. Good quality.

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