Refill Cartridge Magenta – empty container with chip

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Refill cartridge for using with Ecosol Max inks.

Easy to plug, easy to install the bottle onto. No air bubbles, no dust or dirt.

The chip corresponds to the colour of the ink.

Generally, this refill cartridge Magenta colour complies with Ecosol Max type inks for Roland printers. Certainly, the empty container is equipped with colour recognition chip.

As all other colours, the Magenta empty cartridge is easy to plug, and easy to install in the bottle onto. In this way, there are no air bubbles, no dust or dirt during the working process. Respectively, the chip corresponds to the colour of the ink.  So, the printer can recognize it. In order to use alternative inks for all colours, you will need one/ respectively two cartridges per colour.

This special Magenta refill cartridge with chip is offered exclusively by Jetbest and thus provides a unique result. First of all, it is made for use with the 500 ml bottle of ink. When you add it onto the refill cartridge, you get a continuous ink flow with no risk of dirt. By using the 500 ml ink solution, your work is flexible and safe.

This method of working is widely spread among Roland users around Europe, USA, Asia and even worldwide.

And finally, due to such facts Jetbest brand means a lot to printers.

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Packing ink - ml

440 ml



1 review for Refill Cartridge Magenta – empty container with chip

  1. Marietta Mazzini

    Very good solution. Very helpful people.

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