Ink funnel for easy ink refilling

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Transparent ink funnel for refill cartridges.

A refilling ink funnel is a necessary accessory, especially to the 1-litre bulk ink solution. The bottom nose of the funnel is convenient and thin. Therefore, it fits exactly at the narrow refill cartridge open end. Further, it easily concentrates the liquid ink substance into the printer’s refill container. In order to work with comfort, one ink funnel per colour is a must to use. In this way, the operator avoids mixing different inks. Especially when working with many ink refill channels.

The cone utensil product consists of good quality plastic material. As a consequence, the refill tool ensures durability and long term use. Beside the convenience to refill bulk ink quantities. Surely, all this is guaranteed by the proven Jetbest digital chemistry brand.

Generally, all of the alternative inks users who do not go for the 500 ml bottle solution need this product for clean and trouble free ink filling.

Upon large volume ink orders, refill ink funnel sets come free of charge, shipped together with the bottled ink. Do not hesitate to ask for them directly when placing your digital ink inquiry.


Orders can be made for sets of 10 pcs/ pack. Contact us here with your inquiry.



1 review for Ink funnel for easy ink refilling

  1. Enrico Mendez

    Useful and simple!

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