COVID-19 protective shield, stay safe!


Today, coronavirus changed our lives. We all have to protect ourselves from the deadly threat. Either in hospitals, in supermarkets, on public area, or at home. There are many different ways to cover our face. The face mask is the first step to stay away from the infection. Nevertheless, it is not enough. An additional coverage of our eyes, mouth and nose makes it safer. Therefore, such  COVID-19 protective shield mask is a must.

Therefore, using digital cutting technology – laser or CNC router, we developed a very simple but extremely practical protective shield to cover the human’s skin and eyes.

Components of the coronavirus safety shield:

PET front shield

PET stripe for head fixing

Velcro closing of the side stripes for adjusting the size

Not on the last place comes the product affordability. This COVID-19 protective shield is inexpensive, and we can deliver VERY LARGE QUANTITIES.

Naturally, for big orders we offer additional price discounts.

The product comes in boxes, 40 pcs/box. Minimum order quantity – 5 boxes or 200 pcs. Delivery in Benelux is free of charge.

Delivery of large orders can be agreed depending on the particular quantities.

The product is made in EU.

For orders contact us here.


Packing type

carton box


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