Coin, medals demo box & acrylic container

Beside for storage, the thin acrylic containers allow UV printing of logos, art and marking, as well.
Transparent and 100% clear, the container is the perfect container for keeping and exhibiting the specific, and often quite expensive flat objects. As a rule, it is not recommended to touch these pieces of sophisticated art.
Such coin container products are the best showroom accessories. They make the demonstration or storage of your precious objects simple and elegant.
So, the special acrylic shells provide the ultimate protection against finger spots, damage, dust, moisture or dirt.

Types of coin or medal containers:

The boxes are very thin, available in a large variety of sizes and shapes too:
– A3 section-divided, velvet-covered base demo box;
– Round medal or coin container from 10 mm diameter;
– Square container, each side 50 x 50 mm;
– Rectangular container box – 60 x 100, 50 x 30, 30 x 40 mm.

Therefore, the boxes can serve as printing demonstration and test samples for UV and other printing techniques. They are also excellent for personalized engraving and marking. In such a way, use a conventional engraver, or also laser marking machine to customize them. Any logo, sign, name tag can add a fortune to the product’s unique outlook. Moreover, you could design different series with specific marks to make them fit well for their purpose.
*As these products come in series, the minimum order quantity of coin container is 500-1000 pcs. We can discuss this depending on your specific needs and type of order.

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