Roland BN-20D DTF printer

Excellent direct-to-film printing solution – the Roland BN-20D offers new business perspectives for small and medium print shops. Easy and efficient, the production of heat transfers has never been more affordable.

Roland BN-20D direct-to-film printer is a new addition to the successful BN-20 and BN-20A print&cut solutions.
With the new Roland VersaStudio BN-20D, you receive all the features and advantages of Roland BN-20 best-seller print&cut machine. Additionally, through it, you get the key to integrated direct-to-film printing. Decorating garments is an easy and trouble-free task. With BN-20D you get detailed, attractive images, logos, and text. The 48.5 cm maximal printing width of the BN-20 is perfectly suitable for small office and home-based print shops.

The printing process with BN-20D DTF printer

First, it is simple and fast. The machine delivers the transfers of detailed graphics, small logos, and text quickly, with no need to do any weeding or masking. All the features of BN-20D printer are at your disposal.

Bn20-D DTF inks and media

Roland BN-20D uses new inks, which are known for their long-lasting colour and fade-resistant properties. These inks are environmentally friendly, thus making the BN-20D a sustainable choice.

As a whole, the Roland DTF printing machine solution offers:

  • Direct-to-film S-PG inks in 5 colours – cyan, magenta, yellow, black, plus white.
  • S-POWDER – heat transfer powder, for DTF powder machine or manual application
  • Heat-transfer media – S-F164 direct transfer film

In addition, all the consumables are available separately.

Stand-alone vinyl cutter

BN-20D can also serve separately as a precise vinyl cutter for lettering and traditional signage.


VersaWorks 6 RIP software included – Roland’s intuitive, extremely powerful, RIP.

Download the bn20d_dtf-printer brochure, or get in touch with us for further details.


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