Powder Machine 4050 – for DTF transfer prints

The Powder Machine 4050 is specially developed for easy powdering of DTF transfers. Thanks to the continuously adjustable film holders, it is suitable for films up to a size of 40 x 50 cm. By one hand, the thermal powder is distributed evenly on the film.

First of all, the 4050 II powder machine for applying DTF powder glue to the finished DTF print is an excellent addition to any stand-alone DTF printer. As such, it functions reliably and performs the final step of the DTF printing process. This is how you get ready-made thermal transfer labels with no need to invest in expensive and difficult-to-handle equipment for the job.

Basic parameters

  • Dimensions 80 x 48 x 65 cm
  • Transport dimensions 92 x 79 x 80 cm
  • Working dimensions 40 x 50 cm
  • Operating voltage 110 V/ 230 V
  • Power consumption 35 W
  • Main fuse 6 A
  • Vibration time adjustment 0-30 sec.
  • Noise level 70db (A)

With this addition to your DTF printer, you have a perfect configuration for a proven and reliable printing process. In the end, you get film transfers which you can apply with a heat press to any textile. Such as cotton, polyester, denim, silk, leather, nylon fabrics, rigid materials.


The powder shaker machine does not require special maintenance and sophisticated service. It is simple and very easy to use. Schultze 4050 II is suitable for long-run series of powdering the DTF prints. With it, you get a guarantee of a highly competitive DTF production with flexibility and good investment return.

Optional ionizer


In addition, to improve operation with less static charge, there is a supplementary ionizer unit. You can order it together with the powder shaker, or as a second step.

In the end, ask us about all DTF powder coating machine linked products – DTF inks, DTF transfer film, DTF powder adhesive, cleaning fluids, related accessories.




4050, 4050 II


28.2 kg, 38.6 kg with ionizer


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