Roland GS-24 – the best ever cutting plotter

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CAMM-1 series Roland GS-24 – the best desktop vinyl cutter for all times. The machine is accurate and user-friendly besides its versatility.      Because it has everything you need. Even  more.  GS-24 cutter is exceptionally reliable too. It gives you a tool to takes your business far beyond the competition.

  • The perfect vinyl cutter

    Due to its completely remodelled cutting carousel and blade holder, the GS-24 provides improved stability and a 40% more downforce. TIn this way, you can cut jobs as never before. Thanks to its incredible reliability the GS-24 beats any competition. In other words, the GS-24 brings the best performance to build your business on.

  • Versatile and strong

    GS-24 can cut any material of 50-700mm width. It cuts vinyl, reflective and sandblast material, flock, heat transfer and many others. moreover, the range extends from magnetic foil to cardboard which are perfectly cut by the machine using a blade force of 350g.

    The various applications gamut includes signage and stickers, vehicle graphics,  to heat applications for garment and package design.

  • Simple to work with

    The operator’s job is made simple by the Overlap cutting (x10),  Perforated cutting, plus the option to cut by line colour features. On top of all,  Roland GS-24 cuts out perfectly the prints perfectly thanks to its optical recognition system that detects printed crop marks.

    In case you need a printing device too, you could  go for one that combines the printing and cutting functions. What are the advantages of using one device for both printing and cutting?

  • Accurate and efficient

    Thanks to its newly developed digital servomotor, you can cut at the unbelievable speed of up to 500 mm/ second. Overall,  speed is important only together with high precision. Therefore, the GS-24 machine combines excellent productivity with the highest precision.

  • CutStudio software

    As usually, GS-24, is equipped with the CutStudio RIP software. CutStudio allows to enlarge, reduce, reposition, mirror and rotate and images fast and easily.  Next to this, , an newly improved tiling function helps to cut oversized jobs with no problem, allowing even to cut TrueType® fonts at no outlining.

    BMP, JPG, STX, AI and EPS file formats are all supported, as well as the ability to directly cut from graphic software applications. The software is available for download at





Blade force

30 – 350 gf

Maximum cutting area

Width: 584mm

Cutting speed

10 – 500 mm/s

Distance accuracy

Error of no more than +/-0.2% of distance traveLled, or 0.1 mm (0.00394 in.), whichever is greater


USB 2.0

Mechanical resolution

0.0125 mm/step

Mechanism / Driving method

Digital control servo motor, Media-movement method

Operating environment

Humidity: 35 to 80 % (no condensation), Temperature: 5 to 40 ℃ (41 to 104 °F)

Packaging weight

18 kg

Power supply

50/60 Hz, AC 100 to 240 V, Approx. 30 W (including AC adapter), Output: DC 24 V, 2.8 A

Repetition accuracy

0.1 mm or less

5 reviews for Roland GS-24 – the best ever cutting plotter

  1. Lino Mariani

    This is really the best cutter on the market today!

  2. Jeremy Jensen

    Fantastic cutter. You just have to replace the knife and the tape, that is all for years.

  3. WilliamLek

    Hi, this machine is a sterling profit maker? The guys who sell it are quite good too.

  4. Val Manolo

    Very satified with the purchase from Six, very good machine for life.

  5. gecdord

    Great machine.

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