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This brand new Bofa filter/ fume filtration unit is especially designed for use with Roland LEF-20/ -200, LEF2-200 desktop UV printers. In addition, it can also serve for fume extraction at other machines and processes too. Also, including laser, milling or engraving processes which also generate a lot of dust and smell.  Very often, it is difficult to ensure natural venilation in an industrial space. Here comes the powerful, unsurpassed filter capacity of Bofa solution.
Furthermore, the Bofa filter machine includes original packaging and warranty as well.

Again, the appliance is the perfect fume extraction solution to odorless and safe UV printing process. It guarantees perfectly clean environment for your printing business.
As an addition, we can assist in shipping and installation in most cases depending on your location.
We also provide original filters/ spare parts support for the future too. Finally, all your questions are welcome.

*The Bofa filter serves as a  horizontally adjusted table for the above listed UV printing machines. It is just the right configuration for LEF UV printers.

**The fume filtration system is a must for your safe and user friendly printing environment. It guarantees no dust particles and unwanted, harmful odor.

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1 review for Bofa Filter – Print Pro

  1. StevCaum

    I am happy to find a supplier for this useful appliance, especially suited for my printer.

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