Doming resin with harderner

Namely, this is a flexible resin for doming stickers. As such, it is incredibly suitable to use in attractive applications for various product/ industrial purposes. There are many simple ways even for beginner’s jobs.

Jewellery, cars, industrial products, small signage, special jobs and many others.

Particularly, this product is a set of 2 liquids: resin and hardener. Usually, the mixing proportion is 1:1. This guarantees relatively fast drying.

The so applied resin is extremely clear and durable and has perfect flexibility. So, the doming resin is available in two variations – flexible and semi-rigid.

If you would like to order bulk packs, such packaging exists in boxes of 6 each, 1l cans.

Intended to be used with Poly Drop machine or as a refill for a starter kit. The opened has usually 6 months lifetime, especially when sealed after opening. Full instructions on how to apply the doming resin mixture are available upon request.

For printed stickers, use only eco-solvent prints. Other inks can cause bubbles or imperfections due to inks chemistry. Usually, such problems arise a couple of hours after the resin application. Therefore, they are difficult to predict and can destroy your decals at the end.

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