Polydrop flexible polyurethane resin T825s / K865s hardener

Flexible doming resin  T825S with K865S hardener for attractive eye-catching stickers, logo signs, or jewelry. Best quality on the market. No colour change, stable and exclusive performance. Dries best at 27 °C or above.

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The new flexible Polydrop polyurethane resin T825s with K865s hardener comes as a substitute for the previous T825 / K865 product kit. It is a high-quality doming resin that brings excellent results after application and drying. The resin/ hardener kit comes in 1000 ml each cans. It remains clear and transparent after a long time following its production. Works well on eco-solvent inks prints.

polyurethane doming resin samples             polydrop doming resin T825S sample

Important guidance

Please follow strictly the listed instructions when using Polydrop polyurethane resin T825s with K865s hardener!

Store spare cans, cartons, or pallets at ambient temperature.

  • If you do not use the oven, have at least 26/27° during the working time. Work in an air-conditioned environment, at maximal humidity of 50%. Cans storage should be at optimal conditions, also for the mixture of T825S resin and K865S hardener.
  • Use mixer equipment for best results and in order to avoid bubbling. Mix resin and hardener with Vacuum Poly Mix C80 for 5 minutes.
  • For the drying of the T825s resin, we recommend using a drying cabinet oven for 4 hours at 35/ 40°C. Do overheat or exceed the temperature of 40°C.
  • Drying can also take place in about 24h at least 27°C The mixed doming resin does not dry at 22°C or below. Actually, the best results with beautiful and ideal at-touch surfaces get developed by using the oven at 40°C.

Mixing ratio and usage time

Here, you can’t add more hardener as you could with the resin T825/K865. Therefore, use only the 1:1 ratio exclusively.
Using time (with doming resin dispenser + syringe) about 25- 30 minutes at 26/ 27°C.
The processing time depends on the amount of product used, more product = less processing time.

Resin T825s and hardener K865s are not compatible with any other leftovers of previous Polydrop supplies with different reference codes, including T825 resin / K865 hardener.

With regard to the above considerations, it is strongly recommended to perform tests with the doming resin T826S / K865S hardener before starting a production process. Please read the T825S doming resin application guidelines in the linked file.



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