Fast curing oven for doming resin

The doming resin heat-curing cabinets are designed for quick finishing of the production. When treated using the fast curing oven for doming, the 3D labels crystallize without stickiness, clear and smooth to the touch. This is why the productivity increases significantly by reducing waste as an expense. In this way, doming emblems are ready several hours faster, which is essential for large runs or urgent jobs.

This drying oven for doming saves space and protects the decals from dust, humidity and therefore reduces the risk of damage and waste. The compact drying Polydrop FC1 or FC2 oven does not require a lot of space but compared to its productivity, it is an excellent investment.

What is included with the the Polydrop curing oven?

This polyurethane curing equipment comprises of the following components:

  • The drying cabinet FC1 or FC2 /double size/
fc2 drying cabinet for doming resin
FC2 drying oven for doming labels
  • Easy to level dust-free trays – 10 pcs 25x 40 cm – FC1, or 77×40 cm – FC2 oven
  • Adjustable magnetic feet ELF, for quick levelling – 4 pcs.
  • Magnetic strips – 20 pcs.
  • User manual

components polydrop oven for doming resin

Electric parameters of the oven

  • Power supply 220V / or 110V.
  • Power consumption 650W.
  • The heating degree is adjusted using the built-in thermostat.

As a rule, operating instructions for Polydrop FC1 and FC2 fast curing ovens come together with the machine. Once levelled and set for operation,you can use it  in simple and easy way, with no need of additional actions.
Levelling is easy. You just fix the sheets with the uncured doming labels by the included magnetic strips, and some adhesive spray – removable. (Spray is not included in the box).

*Important to note, the final result always depends on the quality of the resin and hardener. When you use a proven product, you get a guarantee for crystal-clear dome and a smooth surface, with no yellowing in the time.

Additionally, check our range of excellent doming resins, according to the criteria:
– flexible or semi-rigid resins,
– oven-drying resins,
– resin drying at room temperature.


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