PolyDrop doming resin machine system

The best, easy-to-use, affordable doming resin production system. It consists of a mixer, dispenser and an optional curing oven. With the PolyDrop doming resin machine system, you have fast and profitable production of exclusive signs and labels.

PolyDrop System components


PolyDose doming resin dispenser


Automatic resin dispenser with four different functions. The machine allows to make a number of polyurethane domed labels just in a couple of hours.



A pump operated mixer – prepares the polyurethane doming resin into a smooth mixture. It makes it ready to be applied to labels using either a manual or automatic dispenser.

PolyDrop Fast Cure Oven

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The temperature-curing oven serves to fast dry the doming labels. It increases the production speed and minimizes the waste. The product is a recommended option for speeding up the production and get best doming resin results.

General description of PolyDrop doming resin system

Above all, PolyDrop is a really versatile, easy to use, affordable doming system. It not only helps your business to add the outlook of a final product. Therefore, the PolyDrop doming machine solution allows you to increase your profit margins.


This doming application machine is suitable for producing a large variety of items:

  • Decals & stickers
  • Name badges
  • Automotive parts or labels
  • Promotional items, trophies & corporate gifts
  • 3D signs
  • Membrane switches
  • Exterior signage,
  • Heat-transfer T-shirts
  • Jewellery &  more.

System Components

Generally, the PolyDrop System includes non-toxic polyurethane resin, a PolyMixer mixing unit, and a dosing unit (with 3 different options). An additional option is a doming resin drying cabinet unit.

The PolyDrop resin is a liquid mixture that becomes crystal clear. Important to say, the dry resin dents and rebounds instead of scratching. There is a variety of resins with different levels of hardness. Which doming resin you have to use depends on the specific application. In fact, the PolyDrop resin will cure at room temperature too. It is UV stable and has 8 years of exterior life. The PolyDrop doming resin meets high automotive quality standards. It will not fade or turn yellow even if exposed to extreme temperatures.

Furthermore, the PolyDrop resin has colouration options. So, you can add 10 vibrant colours to the transparent doming resin. There are also 6 Pearly Glitter colours and a Marble colour effect. As a result, your business will get even more versatile output.

All the PolyDrop dosing units – PolyDose, are available in both manual and automatic dispensers. Finally, the operator can produce polyurethane signs and decals in any domed shape. The sizes can also vary. All this works under strict air pressure and minimized waste.

Doming process instructions


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  1. Pour an equal quantity of polyurethane doming resin and hardener into the dedicated cup.
  2. Place the cup in the mixer and start mixing, see the manual for details.
  3. Fill the Poly Dose machine syringe and close it.
  4. Start application.

*Please note, it is possible to order each component separately, as well as all related consumables.




Fast Curing Oven, PolyDose, PolyMix


220 V


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