Aeoon industrial Direct To Garment printers

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Designed to fulfill extra volume garment production, the Aeoon industrial direct to garment printers have no rival.

The equipment product range includes several models:

Aeoon Compact series (Small, but powerful!)

Kyo series (The first modular highspeed industrial dtg printer that fits your needs.)

Kyo Hybrid (Maximum flexibility combining dtg printing technology with the screen printing technique)

As a whole, full equipment configuration consists of a dtg printer, pretreatment unit, tunnel dryer, fixation unit, software, and supplies.

With no doubt, innovative print technology leaves the competition far behind itself. Uniquely, these industrial direct to garment printers produce large volumes. Depending on the configuration and design the output per hour can reach up to 950 t-shirts. Furthermore, the original inks are affordable and inexpensive. Together with this, they produce brilliant color prints and excellent quality.

In the end, the final product is extremely competitive as the cost per print is very low. In this way, Aeoon gives an opportunity to generate high profit in a short period of time.

Also, versatile applications include t-shirts, sports garment, polyester clothing, mixed fibers, fashion apparel, leather, canvas, and many others.

Last but not least, the company provides full technical support through a specialized team worldwide. Its factory plant and office facilities are open for customer visits on demand. Thanks to it, there you can see in detail every single Aeoon industrial DTG machine, its architecture, and operation process. What is more, thanks to the ability to respond to customers individual requests every printer model can be adjusted to your needs, e.g. number of axes possible, custom pallets

Moreover, it helps to elaborate a detailed business plan according to each customer’s specific needs and assists you with your online shop integration.

2 reviews for Aeoon industrial Direct To Garment printers

  1. Mike Olsen

    A dream machine…

  2. Stenley Marc

    Very best machine ever. Big investment!

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