Epson F2100 W DTG printer – excellent and affordable

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Following its previous model, Epson released its best ever DTG printer, F2100 W, including white ink print for dark textile.

Specifications are available here:

Compared to its predecessor F2000, here are the improvements made:

Variable drop technology:

In this way, it prints better images with very high quality of gradient colour graphics.
Furthermore, the printer can better control the drop size of the ink, thus ensuring a better tone and colour transition.
Also, this means substantial ink saving.

Maintenance upgrades:

The F2100 includes an extra white ink filter (the additional black box). Obviously, the white ink maintenance is an important key to success. While the F2000 already had a couple of filter points for the white ink,
Epson added an additional white ink filter for increased protection from clogging nozzles in the F2100.
The F2100 brings even more convenience with its inline maintenance solution. This means no more drops. Previously, with the F2000, the operator had to load 10 ml of solution into the print head capping station.
Currently, F2100 eliminates this process as it has a solution cartridge in the ink bay system.

Doubled print modes:

Compared to F2000 which has three basic ones, the F2100 gives the operator a choice of six different print modes, including the highlight white mode that increases textile printing speed.
Important to mention, the additional print modes allow you to customize the priorities of each particular print job.

Increased speed:

The F2100 is up to 35% faster while printing images which include white ink. Moreover, it is twice faster in printing without white ink (thanks to the added new print modes).

For sure, every fast-growing business needs to improve with the new technological solutions. No doubt, one of these is the custom DTG textile printing. Therefore, if you print t_shirts or any garment seven days a week,
Epson F2100 W could be your perfect configuration. If you already use the previous F2000, the convenient Garment Creator software allows using both printer models from one computer.



Compatible print head

Ink Color

CMYK + 2 White


Ethernet 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX (auto-negotiation)

Chemical Type


Print Head Resolution

1440 dpi

Printing Method

Direct Inkjet Garment Printer

2 reviews for Epson F2100 W DTG printer – excellent and affordable

  1. Veterova Janka

    I own this printer and am really pleased with it. Optimal price/ qulaity/ supplier’s service.

  2. Steven Baum

    Perfect printer for little money.

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