Roland Texart RT-640M multi function textile printer

RT-640M is Roland’s Texart sublimation printer for printing both onto transfer paper or direct onto the fabric.

Therefore, it allows you to do various textile printing jobs using one device at an affordable price.
In fact, this multi function printer is the best choice for short run, on-demand production. Together with this, it delivers maximum versatility, flexibility and outstanding print quality.
No need to choose between a direct or transfer sublimation printer. With Roland Texart RT-640M you buy one that does both jobs!

The RT-640M has an adjustable front roller system. Thus ensuring stable and uninterrupted production. In addition,  combined with a media take-up system, it guarantees even tension without any skewing.

Important to mention, the machine has a special ink collection channel within the printer bed. So it allows RT-640M to print perfectly onto thin fabrics. Such as voile or different flag and banner materials. As a result, this Roland Texart machine brings detailed and precise image output. They roll up perfectly onto the take-up system. At the end, the production comes ready for heat fixation.

See more details in the product brochure here:

There are numerous applications, well known by the textile printers. If you are one of them, check the features and go for Roland Texart RT-640M to save money, space, and make sure profit.



Acceptable media widths

1600 mm

Ink Color

CMYK + Lm + Lc + Or + Vi

Ink Type



Acceptable material thickness


Number of Print Heads


Packing ink - ml

1000 ml

Print Head Resolution

1440 dpi

1 review for Roland Texart RT-640M multi function textile printer

  1. Martin Vartas

    Only Roland can deliver such quality and functionality! Thank you for the great support.

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