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The CLAM PRO, heat press made by Sefa in France. For more than 40 years, Sefa brand is a leader on the market. Particularly, it offers print transfer equipment for personalization and fixation. Together with it, various accessories for caps, cups, sportswear, luggage, and other print applications complete its wide range. If you are working in textile personalization, you need a textile heat pressing machine.

During the years, Sefa proved itself in heat press design and manufacturing. As a summary, the company’s product catalogue includes the best machines which suit every need.

The ECLAM 50 gives you a great opportunity to start your business in the textile personalization or a digital printing transfer. It is affordable and easy to use this thermo-press with double timer.

Generally, SEFA CLAM PRO is perfect for applying flex and digital prints onto garments. but it is an excellent machine for sublimation printing onto textiles too. Furthermore, with this heat press, you can support transfer printing on rigid substrates, such as aluminum, MDF, wood, porcelain, etc.



  • Auto-open
  • Quick-change platens
  • T-shirts threaded from front or rear of the platen
  • Pre-heat time
  • Dual item counter
  • “Dry” option for DTG ink drying
  • Sefa heat press designed and manufactured in France
  • Two-year machine warranty
  • Ten-year warranty on heating elements


  • Electronics developed by Sefa
  • Accurate and fast regulation (PID control)
  • Double timer (main + pre-heat)
  • 2 cycle counters
  • 3 settable programs
  • Stop cycle function

Main points to choose the right model:

  • Which is the main purpose of use.
  • What types of materials you work with.
  • What kind of functions of the press you need.
  • How big is your production volume.
  • What is your budget.

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  1. Liam Netto

    Very satisfied. Nice support.

  2. Serge Barough


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