Static charge eliminating fiber kit

The static charge eliminating fiber kit creates an anti-static bridge over the printing media. It can help a lot during printing.

The problem of the control of electricity static charges is of increasing importance in the printing industry. This problem has been with the industry almost since the first power press. Because, most types of the various printing materials have differing anti-static strength. In the printing field particularly, the weight of the paper is a major factor in determining the extent to which static charge causes trouble. On machines with rolling parts, static is frequently a severe and often very expensive problem.

Here we offer a solution. As such, the special elastic cord of this product has anti-static characteristics. It takes over the printed media substrate charge. As a further  result, it discharges the existing electric field. The cord diameter should be at least 5 mm for enough satisfying results.

It is an easy task to mount this kit. Due to its fiber elasticity, it fits well to even differing printer table widths.

The static charge eliminating kit includes 2 m anti-static rope plus 2 pieces of hooks. The hooks are easily mounted at the two ends of the rope.

Important to know, using anti-static gloves reduces significantly the possibility to get further static electricity related issues.

The current  simple solution is extremely suitable for UV printing, but not exclusively. Therefore, such solution provides you freedom to use any printable material and media without to fear static charge. And all this at no overwhelming additional high costs.


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  1. Richard Bas

    Simple, useful, very affordable.

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