Roland MDX-540 / MDX-540S modelling machine

Above all, Roland MDX-540 is made to meet your expectations. These include speed, accuracy and accessibility in one machine

Also, this means CNC milling at your workshop and at a relevant price. Furthermore, the machine is perfect for producing all your ideas into 3D reality. All this starting from functional and snap-fit parts and prototypes to metal molds and special/ unique jewelry.


Long time proven, this modelling machine offers real professional solutions. Roland MDX-540 / 540S deliver both, perfect functionality together with unbeatable precision. Therefore, such device is a must for every business in the CNC milling or prototyping area. Moreover, the additional features and options of the two models offer full flexibility. In this way, your creative 3D design models and prototype patterns become easy to produce like never before. Particularly, the machine can work on a number of affordable materials. Such as ABS, nylon, tooling board, and many others.

Even more, MDX-540 3D milling machine models are some of the fastest and most reliable devices. So they can make everything.  From snap-fit parts and prototypes to light metal molds and jewelry models. Important to know, they exist in standard and enhanced models.  MDX-540 bench top milling machines allow advanced CNC milling at a really good price.

Full specifications find here.



Cutting speed

Max 7.5m/min

Mechanical resolution


Revolution Speed

400-12000 rpm/min

Repetition accuracy

+/- 0.05mm

Maximum cutting area

550×420 mm

Acceptable media widths

400x400x155 mm

1 review for Roland MDX-540 / MDX-540S modelling machine

  1. Sottano Alberti

    A very precise machine for best prototyping and engraving results. Very good supplier.

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