Kothari Neo Rip Pro Software for Epson DTG

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Get the maximum of your Epson F2100 by implementing Kothari Neo RIP Pro 2100!

Because NeoRIP (Kothari Rip Software For Epson F2000/ F2100) is the most powerful tool on the DTG market. Certainly, it handles all of your textile and solvent printing job reqirements. As a result of it, you have stunning photo realistic quality and far better colour profiling, gradients, and fades. This colour management resource exceeds the industry standards. Moreover, it is an easy to use interface with amazing results at he end. Thus it brings over-realistic imaging by replicating fades and gradients on dark garments.
Finally, you save roughly 40% of the white ink/ print presets/ garment color: Black, Red, Green, etc.

Presets allow for perfect color matching per garment with optimal ink usage increase productivity by simultaneous ripping and printing.
Suddenly, you get higher quality prints, smoother gradients and beautiful glows, all this besides saving on white ink consumption cost!


Color Control.

Images opened in any colour space (RGB, CMYK, Lab) for printing.
Nested colour profiles recognized for correct interpretation of the designer’s image.
Colour Book, Direct Colour Editing (DCE) and Direct Channel Firing (DCF) tools for spot colour managing.
Tools for colour profiling. Best in their class, with wizard based interface, these tools help to work with white colour to get high quality profiles and thus optimize the use of white ink.
White Ink Control
Automatically prepares the white under base. As a result, the use of white ink gets optimized based on media colour, without compromise on the colour gamut. Neo Rip software recognizes and uses the image transparency information during the under base generation.

White highlight

Underbase choke.

Ink cost calculator

With its help, you compute the print cost for every job according to ink consumption. So it allows to know the cost before accepting an order for DTG printing.

Job tracking and accounting.
Track usage of the printer with respect to
Printed jobs, their print settings, number of copies and ink consumption can be tracked simultaneously. Moreover, multiple printers can be tracked and programmed for automatic reporting in combination with Kothari KoJac software.
XML based, barcode controlled workflow for Job automation.
Designed to bring efficiency and reduce chances of production errors, this is a must have tool. In fact, no matter what your size of business is. If a business is getting orders through the web, then its production can become easily automated. Like directly generating XML tickets and placing them in the queue. Like tagging the garments with their corresponding barcodes.
Alternatively, if you don’t use the web, you can generate XML tickets using the job panel too. It can also pull database data.
The RIP software takes instruction from the XML ticket. So, it knows how to process the incoming job. Additionally, moving XML Job ticket through your network allows your IT systems to control the progress of each particular Job on its its production cycle: from order to shipment. Moreover, Kothari software helps you plan your production and supervision super efficienly, by reducing possibilities of mistakes.

Platen organizer/ Layout template

The software allows you to organize the print area layout by placing multiple platens on it. Each platen gets a designated name. The platen definition is saved as a template file for multiple use along with multiple settings for every garment color type. In the moment of actual printing, the user selects the platen for the specific garment color. At this point, the software uses the correct settings from the predefined ones.

Flexible image composing

On one single platen you could place multiple images at transparent background. This is very useful when you prefer to use the same image with different text message on multiple garments. The images on that same platen will be in different colour spaces (RGB, CMYK, Lab).

Kothari Neo RIP Output Quality

Excellent details and resolution enhancement by bi-cubic expansion of the image.
Exceptional smoothness and print quality by advanced dithering with variable dot control.

Reliable and easy to use

Kothari Neo Rip Pro software handles almost unlimited size of image data without significant impact on the performance.
Truly stable platform that rarely crashes.
Intuitive user interface.
Templates and print environments are easy to share among various print stations using printer of same type. Also, they can be quickly recalled from a drop down list.
User friendly installation of print modes and taking backup from existing print modes. In this way, Kothari RIP helps keep backup of various print customization.


* Price is per licence.

** Optional: Add-on PS/ PDF suite.

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  1. Stev Caunas

    Best software from best supplier!

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