Super Black Digital Blockout Ink for Screen Films

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Super Black digital blockout ink for screen printing exposure films is a screen preparation market winner. This blockout ink gives freedom to the screen printer. Finally here is a fully reliable digital product. It has unbeatable characteristics for easy film preparation.

The ink is available in dye and pigment based formulation. It is ideal for piezo printers of the Epson, Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki series. In this way, using one of these printers, the graphic image can be reproduced in positive or negative. Then the screen making happens in no time.

The super black ink creates a non-transparent layer for perfect exposure results.

Thus the reparation of these films is as easy as printing the usual single image.

This process saves a large amount of consumable and lots of time. Accordingly, this facilitates the printing process. In the end, it provides a unique possibility for big production work volumes.

The printed result has an extremely high saturation of the black colour and excellent light blocking features.

Unlike the usual ink products, this ink consists of very fine and tiny pigment particles. Therefore, it does not cause piezo print head nozzle clogging.

They produce high-quality prints and are suitable for many proven transparent films. The inks dry optimally fast.

The Super Black digital inks also have perfect release features.

Their UV resistance is very high due to the special UV components.


Super Black Blockout digital ink is suitable for DX-4, DX-5, DX-6/7 print heads. They are test-proven and work without compromise on the following printer types:






Factory packaging of the product:

  • 1 litre bottles for unattended printing using bulk ink systems; /refill cartridge link/
  • special bag packaging with chip included for the related digital printing machine.

1 review for Super Black Digital Blockout Ink for Screen Films

  1. Bert Dunnes

    Fantastic ink, very saturatewd black. Perfect solution for color separations. I tried it and this is the best one.

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