About DST ApS

DST was established to develop new and innovative solutions for the transfer industry. Faced with the limitation of the existing production technologies the DST system was developed.

Today customers all over the world is producing transfers with the DST system, giving them new possibilities and an improved competitiveness in a market, that like all other areas of printing, is facing the fact the customers place smaller, but more frequent, orders and often change their designs to adapt to the season, local requirements or other factors that means they have to change the designs.


At the same time the customers are used to the possibilities that digital offer as they are using this for all their other application such as brochure, advertising materials – basically any other printed media that they use. So customers do not want to deal with the limitation from screen printing where each color has an extra cost, most of the time their designs are made in CMYK meaning it is not suited for screen printing. Producing the transfers with offset has other limitations since certain volumes are required to justify the start-up cost. The direct to garment printers can be good solution, but only for small runs and there are many limitations with these systems as well.

The DST system that combines digital printing with screen printing is the answer to these challenges, and the DST system is patented in 28 countries throughout the world. DST offers a complete turn-key match component system to ensure a stable production delivering high quality transfers DST works closely with the major manufactures of digital presses, not only with the textile transfer solution, but also on solutions for producing IMD and hard surface decoration transfers. These programs are currently in beta testing and more information will be made available on the website once the testing has finished.