Doming resin solution

Since 50 years Euro Drop produces chemicals and equipment for many industry sectors. Particularly, the wide range of epoxy resins and polyurethanes. In this way, their various decorating solutions form a special section in the printing and doming industry.
Epoxy resins
Large range of epoxy hardeners and enamels, made of the best raw materials, bring the highest quality to customers. Various combinations of resin and hardener result in different applications and finishe. Such as liquid and flexible resin for 3D labels, glass effect enamels, etc.
Applications: 3d labels, promotional items, badges, plaques and medals, jewelry, eyewear and button industry, metal and glass accessories.

Polyurethane Resins
Especially made to satisfy the high standards of the automotive market. Such as 8 years UV resistance for outdoor applications. They resist on sun and other atmosphere agents with no yellowing or deteriorating. PU resins give protection to graphics thanks to their good scratch durability.
Applications: automotive industry, promotional labels, 3d resin decals, signs, logos for fabrics, badges, etc.

Especially formulated colors for creating innovative effects. Compared to other finishing techniques, they enrich the look of the products.
Neon, fluorescent, metallic and metal colors.
In addition, there is a possibility to add glass or polyester glitters to the resins. Thus giving additional
sparkle to the domed piece.

Equipment and accessories
Mixers and dispensers for mixing and application of epoxy and polyurethane resins. An precise control of the flow allows quick doming.
Variety of dispensers allows you to have a diverse production. Like individual pieces and samples, but also long series of labels per day.

Environment Safety
ECHA, REACH and CLP program support. The Euro Drop company philosophy is to provide innovative solutions and help to create a sustainable future. All this with no harm to people or to the environment.

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