Isonik ST-E44 dye sublimation ink

ST-E44 ink description

Isonik ST-E22 of Isocarbo is a water-based digital sublimation ink for transfer printing with the highest concentration. Generally, the product is suitable for all printers equipped with Epson piezo print heads. Further, the long-run test on different printers – such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and Epson proves good running at all Epson print heads. Particularly,  DX3, DX4, DX5, DX7.
Thanks to its outstanding performance, Isonik ST-E44 is ideal for industrial printing and transfer process based on high speed equipment.

Main features of Isonik dye sublimation ink

First, Isonik ST-E44 has brilliant and vivid colors.  So, it brings very wide and deep color gamut. Its newly
developed formulation is highly dye concentrated. It also has good drying properties together with intense color
yields, on light and uncoated paper.
Isonik ST-E44 also makes the best color release at standard transfer conditions (200/210°C-35/45 sec).
Further, the product’s chemical consistence gives excellent jetability and very good drying,
So, Isonik ST-E44 is suitable for fast long-run productions. In other words, there is no need of frequent cleaning interruptions. Mainly, its best performance of Isonik ST-E44 applies to any application reflated
to the sportswear market. Finally, its perfect performance of Isonik ST-E44 comes using any kind of sublimation paper,
so it is one of the most versatile products of the Isonik series.

Digital transfer ink  applications

As a rule, Isonik ST-E44 dye sublimation ink works best on 100% polyester fabrics or in blends. Such as lycra, viscose, cot-
ton, acrylic, with a minimum polyester content of 70%. Of course, it also works on any substrate (alu, wood, ceramic, glass,

etc.) usually unsuitable for the sublimation process, after doing a pre-treatment with polyester-polyamide resins.
Isonik ST-E22 is suitable for sportswear, technical sport equipment (snowboard, ski, wakeboard, bike frame, etc),
garments, fag and banners, ceramics, wood, gadgets and decorations.


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